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animal  (n.) 動物

amphibian  (n.) 兩棲動物


What is the biggest animal you have seen?

Most amphibians live near or under water.


If you want to try it, more power to you.


more power to you.再接再厲/加油啊  例:You did? Well, more power to you. Congratulations.真的?哇,加油吧!恭喜你啦!



Trev: HA! “Aboot!” “Aboot!” There's your first lesson, Wei—Canadians say “aboot!”
Paul: Better than your Texan-like “abaaaaout”, Trev.
Trev: No way! You sound like some funny-talking British duke! “Oot and aboot!” “Oot and aboot!”
Paul: Canadians aren't British and, contrary to what some people think, we're not American.
Trev: Exactly! You guys don't have a Hollywood in Canada.
Paul: OK, we don't have Hollywood, but you may not realize how many Canadians are entertaining us all!


保羅:總比你那個像德州腔的 ‘管遇’好啦,崔佛。


1、 Texan-like (a.) 像德州人的,-like是 ‘像…的’。
2、 duke (n.) 公爵。這里說Paul像 ‘英國公爵’British duke,是因為他的口音帶有英國腔
3、 contrary to... 與…相反
4、 American (a.) 美國的。不論從外表或是講話方式,外國人都很難分辨加拿大人和美國人的不同,所以許多人都會將加拿大人誤認為美國人,這一點有些加拿大人可是很介意的
5、 Hollywood (n.) 好萊塢。好萊塢是美國娛樂工業集中之地
6、 entertain (v.) 娛樂







6.Parents have the duty to rear and educate their minor children, and children who have come of age have the duty to support and assist their parents.(英譯漢)


1. Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

2. Some children feel it quite easy to ride a bike. And they can learn it very quickly.
/They can manage it as soon as they learn to ride.

3. They can do things on their own in a well-organized way without their parents’ supervision.
on one's own adv. 獨自地, 獨立地, 主動地
They can do their work in perfect order without any instruction from their parents.
They will do everything methodically without being urged by their parents.

4. When we are watching TV at night, my daughter is playing with her toys.

5. The scientist has recently published a series of articles on how to prevent environmental pollution.

6.A man , like a watch , is to be valued by his manner of going. (英譯漢)
Wlliam Penn, British admiral





Statue of Christ of the Abyss, Florida

Softly aglow in sea-washed sunlight, Christ of the Abyss stands 30 feet (9 meters) down in the Atlantic in Florida's John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Visitors to the sanctuary don masks and fins or view the sea life through the glass bottoms of tour boats.



Obama Prepares to Sign Stimulus Bill, Propose Housing Plan

U.S. President Barack Obama keeps the focus squarely on the troubled American economy this week as he signs a massive stimulus package into law, and announces steps to help the housing market.



The almost $790-billion stimulus bill is the biggest economic package ever passed by Congress.



The president's top White House advisor, David Axelrod, says its size befits the problem. He predicts the stimulus package will have an impact quickly. But he warns it will be difficult to undue all the economic damage that has already been done.



"As you know, the package will help fund infrastructure programs and other programs that are ready to go around the country," he said. "But it is going to take time for that to show up in the statistics."



Speaking on the Fox News Sunday television program, Axelrod said it is necessary to act aggressively to keep the situation from getting much worse.



"We are in the worst recession since World War II," he added. "And it took us a long time to get into this mess. It is going to take us a while to get out of it."



The president is going outside Washington to sign the stimulus bill into law.



Instead of a ceremony at the White House attended by politicians and dignitaries, Mr. Obama will put pen to paper on Tuesday in Denver, Colorado - the same city where he accepted the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in August.



Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the choice of Denver shows how important it is for the president to hear from people outside the nation's capital.



"He wants to get out of Washington and show people all across America the benefits of what is inside this economic recovery and reinvestment plan," said Gibbs.



Gibbs told the CBS program Face the Nation that the president will travel from Denver to Phoenix, Arizona where he will unveil his proposal to deal with the home mortgage foreclosure crisis.



It is the mess in the housing market that is widely regarded as the trigger behind the current economic recession. Banks put up millions of dollars in risky mortgage loans to home buyers who later found they could not keep up with the payments. Families lost their homes, and banks tightened credit, making it more difficult for others to borrow money.



Gibbs said the president will continue to reach out to Republicans as the administration puts together the details of the housing proposal. This, despite the fact the stimulus package got no Republican votes in the House of Representatives and only three in the Senate.



"He is going to continue to reach out to Republicans and he is hopeful Republicans will start to reach back," said Gibbs.



But Republicans are still angry over the stimulus package, which they say was rammed through Congress by the White House and the Democratic majority in the legislature.



Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, told ABC's This Week the stimulus bill failed the bipartisanship test.



"There is nothing about this process that has been bipartisan. This is not change you can believe in," said Graham.



But Graham said he still hopes the two sides can come together when the president's housing proposal hits Capitol Hill.





《don't believe in love 》--dido 不再相信愛情


讓我能想起當年的life for rent,但更多的是優雅的有點大女人的氣息








全名Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong的Dido,1999年推出首張個人專輯《No Angel/無天使》,市場卻反映普普的長達一年之久,直到風格南轅北轍的饒舌痞子阿姆,取樣《Thank You》中的幾句歌詞在他暢銷單曲《Stan》里頭,瞬時造成詢問度最高的作品,也終讓Dido風光的衣錦還鄉,入選滾石雜志「年度風云人物」,持續熱賣兩年仍高燒不退!趁勝追擊在2003年問市的第二張作品《Life For Rent/漂泊的心》,不僅發行首日大破10萬英國榜冠軍,美國也再次沉迷于Dido無法抵抗的動人歌聲中,以近20萬的銷售量站上告示牌Top4席次。

由Dido和哥哥Rollo以及電影配樂/唱片監制/歌手/詞曲創作家Jon Brion(肯依威斯特、基音、梅茜葛蕾)合力操盤,Dido發出這張引頸長盼的第三張大碟《Safe Trip Home》。第一波主打《Don’t Believe In Love》,她帶著冷靜且堅決之語氣道出一段變質的愛情,漂浮著電子的迷離回蕩、拱出一首美到心碎的歌謠,率先在歐洲造成回響,登上意大利和西班牙iTunes榜雙冠軍;以清脆吉他撥奏為根基的《Quiet Times》,自然流露且順暢的音線甚是迷人;營造徐緩陰郁電氣化氛圍,混搭居爾特民族風的《Grafton Street》,是一代宗師Brian Eno掌舵的精致戲碼,超級搖滾樂團Fleetwood Mac的成員Mick Fleetwood更前來負責鼓擊的部分,寫著關于Dido已逝父親的吊念哀歌;《The Day Before The Day》則憶起分手前的種種景象,輕柔呢喃中倚著心痛與不舍。著墨在生活周遭的喜怒哀樂當中,有寬恕包容、感激懷念、傷感分離…Dido詮釋的如此刻骨銘心,并蘊藏著超強生命力且真誠撫慰心靈的聲頻觸感。

《don't believe in love 》


i wanna go to bed
with arms around me
but wake up on my own
that i'm still sleeping
til' you go home
i can't look at you
this morning
i should probably have a sign
that says
'leave right now or quicker'
you've overstayed your time
if i don't believe in love
nothing will last for me
if i don't believe in love
nothing is safe for me
when i don't believe in love
you're too close to me
and that's why
you have to leave
maybe i slept peaceful
on your shoulder
your arm warm around my side
but it's different now
it's morning
and i can't face your smile
the second that i feel
your safe hands
reaching out for mine
i slip away and out of sight
you've ovestayed your time
if i don't believe in love
nothing is good for me
if i don't believe in love
nothing will last for me
when i don't believe in love
nothing is new for me
nothing is wrong for me
and nothing is real for me
when i don't believe in love
why do you care for me?
when i don't believe in love
nothing is real for me
if i don't believe in love
you're getting to close to me
and that's why you have to leave
and that's why you have to leave
if i don't believe in love
if i don't believe in love
if i don't believe in love
nothing is left for me
if i don't believe in love
you're too good for me